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Top 10 Must-Ask Questions for Buying Property in Baja California Sur, Mexico

These questions cover important key legal considerations and practical considerations when purchasing property in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

  1. What type of property ownership is being offered (fee simple, leasehold, ejido)?

  2. Are there any restrictions on foreign ownership of property in the area?

  3. What are the zoning regulations and land use restrictions for the property?

  4. Is the property located in a restricted zone, such as the restricted coastal zone?

  5. What are the property taxes and ongoing maintenance costs?

  6. Are there any pending legal disputes or title issues associated with the property?

  7. Has the property been surveyed to verify boundaries and encroachments?

  8. What utilities are available on the property (water, electricity, sewage)?

  9. What is the access to the property like (road conditions, legal access)?

  10. What is the process for transferring ownership of the property and completing the transaction?

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