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Hola! Thank you for your time in visiting Live In Loreto Real Estate! 

We originally found the beautiful city of Loreto when we came here on vacation in 2017 in search of the chance to see Blue Whales! During our time here, we fell in love with all that Loreto has to offer ... beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife, friendly neighbors and a more tranquil pace of life. After 20+ years of living the hustle and bustle in South Florida, we were ready for a change.

When we returned to Loreto the following year, we found our new home. We did a ton of research, worked with a really well-known real estate agency in town, and tried to do everything right. While our purchase took a very long time, but eventually everything turned out OK. After going through that process, we realized that overall we were very lucky because there is ALOT more to learn about buying and selling real estate in Mexico than we realized at the time!  

At Live in Loreto Real Estate, we still clearly remember what it was like becoming established in a new town, learning where and how to find things, and how things work a little bit (ok a lot) differently than our previous home in the United States. We are still the "new kids" in town, and as a result of our experiences, we do things a little bit differently than the others.

We started Live in Loreto Real Estate in order to be able to help others accomplish their dream of finding a new home in the beautiful city of Loreto! We work with the "treat others as you would like to be treated" attitude and offer professional, detail oriented, hands on services for our clients. Our services include assistance with buying or selling real estate, as well as, property management services. We don't just gloss over the details. We help our clients to truly understand each step in the process so they can make fully educated choices. 

In addition to the purchase and sale of real estate, we also provide property and vacation rental management services. We can keep a watchful eye out for our neighbors who live in Loreto for only part of the year. We also help owners generate extra income from their homes by offering their home as vacation rentals on platforms such as Airbnb, VRBO, TripAdvisor and Expedia.

We look forward to working with those of you that we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting. We are confident that once you see our unique and detail-oriented approach you will understand that no one else will work harder to help you accomplish your individual needs and goals.


Denise Stubbs and Chris Burson

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