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Facebook Resources about Baja, Moving to Mexico and Loreto

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

If you are interested in learning more about travel conditions, weather, community events, local happenings, activities, items for purchase or sale, you can find it on Facebook!

A few of the most popular Facebook pages and groups are listed below.

Loreto Pages & Groups

Ads-Voices of Loreto

Compra y Venta Loreto

Compra, Vende y Busca Loreto

Comprar y Vender Loreto BCS

D'Todo Loreto BCS

Loreto Activities

Loreto Anuncios

Loreto BCS Directory & Classifieds

Loreto BCS Ventas, Rentas

Loreto Community Open

Loreto Full Timer Support Network

Loreto & Nopolo Music Events

Loreto Social Market

Menu Loretano

Noticias de Loreto

Publica, Venta y Compra Loreto BCS

PubliTodo de Dia Morales BCS

Segundamano Loreto BCS

Ventas Loreto BCS

Venta De Comida En Loreto

Voices of Loreto

Baja Groups and Pages

Baja California En Fotos

Baja Classifieds

Baja Legal Advice

Baja Mexico Video & Photography

Baja Off-Grid Living Support Group

Classifieds La Paz Gringos

Compra y Venta Baja California Sur y Norte

Compra y Venta La Paz

La Paz Gringos BCS/Mexico

Move to Baja

Talk Baja

Talk Baja Road Conditions

Moving To Mexico Groups and Pages

Expats In Mexico

Expats Living In Mexico

Gringos Moving To Mexico

Make The Right Move To Mexico

Mexico Newcomers & Expat Social Group

Moving To Mexico

Moving to Mexico Classifieds

On The Road In Mexico

The Truth About Moving To Mexico

If you know of a page or group that we should include,

please drop us a note at the bottom of the page to let us know!

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